Root Double: Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition official localization announcement!

We at Lemnisca are proud to announce that we are collaborating with Regista, Yeti, and Sekai Project to officially release Root Double- Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition in English! This is a very exciting opportunity that we are all pleased to participate in, and we hope that you will all look forward to the release and support us in this endeavor. We shall strive to give you all the best quality product available and to live up to all your expectations.

The year is 2030. Business is as usual in the isolated research city of Rokumei–that is until several explosions suddenly go off in the nuclear research facility known as “LABO.” The city sends in “Sirius,” an elite rescue squad, to deal with the situation. But the situation only gets worse when LABO’s nuclear reactor melts down, sending the facility into lockdown–with members of Sirius and survivors still trapped inside. With lethal radiation leaking everywhere and not enough anti-radiation medication to last until lockdown lifts, the survivors make more and more grim discoveries. In their struggle for survival, in a deathtrap full of fire and radiation, they learn that doubt is their greatest enemy, and trust their greatest asset.

The story of Root Double features two different protagonists: Watase Kasasagi, a rescue squad captain who has lost his memories in the hours after the incident, and Natsuhiko Tenkawa, a student piecing together the clues in the six days before. The only key to survival lies in the player’s hands with the Senses Sympathy System (SSS). Unlike traditional visual novels, Root Double does not have clear cut “choices,” but rather, the game uses SSS to allow the player to manipulate the story based purely upon emotion. Your emotions projected upon the characters, particularly your trust in them, shape the progression of the story. Only with effective use of this system and completion of both protagonists’ stories can the player piece together the truth and hope to discover a way out of the facility.

You can view the official English opening movie here:

As part of our agreement to partner with Regista and Yeti on this project, we have taken all our patches and assorted translations down. However, we cannot say anything at this point about what will become of our translations. We hope for your understanding during this transition. Also, we will be moving to a new site at some point in the future, but for now, we will still be here. We will make a post about our new site’s location at the appropriate time.

We have also added an RSS feed to the site so that everyone interested can use it to stay updated on our site for now. In the future, we plan to update this into a mailing list where we will send e-mails to readers who are interested in receiving periodic updates about our group.

We look forward to bringing you all this official release of Root Double and hope that you are all eagerly waiting for this.

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Killer Queen Patch Released

We are proud to announced that our Killer Queen English patch has been released! You can find the patch on our Killer Queen project page.

Please send any errors or typos you may find to

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KQ Patch Changes/H-Patch Guide details/General update

With the editing of Killer Queen proceeding smoothly at 75% completion and with the patch hopefully being out within the next 2-3 months, we figured now would be a good time to talk about exactly what changes to the original there will be in our patch, which, as you know, is non-ero.

(Keep in mind that the patch is based around the Reprint version, which has a completely different GUI than the original version, so you’ll need that version to play the game.)

1. The H-Scenes have been cut out (the sections have been replaced with a “fade to black” esque cut, then cuts back in to the line after the H-Scene has ended). However, some small parts of them will remain in the final script (mostly the build-up to them). This does not mean all traces of sexual content will be removed either- you should be warned that there are sexual situations, references to sexual content, and that the H-Scenes do still happen in the context of the story, you just don’t see them. What we’re aiming for is more like something along the lines of an R-rated movie (especially since all the violence has been unaltered). As such, our patch is still is a strict 17+ even with the changes.

2. All H-Scene CGs have been cut out (any CGs with full-frontal nudity, that is). While their data still remains in the files, they’ve been commented out of the scripts themselves. As such, the Gallery has also been altered to remove the ero CGs. That said, the gory CGs (though there are only 2 of them) will remain uncensored.

2a. Some scenes that just had ero CGs in the original have been replaced with background images and (in one occasion) sprites instead.

3. Some very explicit lines have been either cut or censored (mostly those directly referencing sexual bodily fluids or genitalia, though references to the act of sex itself still remain). This includes some voiced lines as well. However, everything plot relevant has remained, and the censored lines will still retain their intended meaning, just in a less explicit way. In other words, while the lines are not the exact same, the sexual themes themselves still remain.

3a. Some additional lines have been added to fill in some of the gaps between the removed content. All of them have been marked in the scripts themselves.

4. The Recollections section has been altered. Instead of being able to replay H-Scenes, you will be able to replay the routes’ epilogues instead (much like you’re able to in the PC version of Secret Game: Killer Queen).

(Most of these changes were inspired by Mirror Moon’s Tsukihime non-ero patch.)

Yes, we know there’s still a lot of you who aren’t pleased by these changes and the removal of ero content for various reasons. Yes, we know you would rather we just release the original in its full form or just give a choice between the original or non-ero. But we are sticking to the stance we outlined in our post back in October of 2013, and will not change our minds on the matter.

However for those of you who want to play the game in its original form, fear not. While we are not willing to risk releasing an uncensored version, we will provide an ero patch guide for anyone wanting to make one. The guide will give you a step-by-step process on how to restore the game to its original form (though the H-Scenes will remain untranslated and require translation from a third party), and will show you how to undo every single one of the above changes. Furthermore, I have been leaving behind notes in the margins of the scripts themselves to detail what parts have been altered. The guide will be released at the same time as the patch. As said back in last October, we are perfectly fine with you releasing an ero patch so long as you still credit Lemnisca Translations for all the other work.

(As a heads-up for anyone who wants to make an ero patch, you -will- need NScripter tools to use the guide.)

In other news, I am still translating 12Riven on the side, though slowly and mostly to give me an occasional break from the constant editing on KQ. I got a job about a month ago, so that’s been cutting a lot into my free time, but I still work on the projects whenever I can. Once editing on KQ is complete, I will give it much more attention, though keep in mind that I will still be supervising the final stages of KQ, so I won’t be able to devote my full effort to 12Riven just yet. Once I can, I’ll put all my effort into translating it, then I’ll be editing it (unless we can get an actual editor- I’d much rather have one, as it’ll allow us to focus on more projects and cut down on the time of each project). Once 12R’s done, we plan to work on Root Double. If we have not completed the extraction of RD by then, then we’ll work on Secret Game: Killer Queen until the extraction is complete.

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I/O Patch now released

After 1 1/2 years of hard work, we are pleased to announce that the I/O patch is now complete! You can find the patch on the I/O project page.

Please send any bugs or typos you may find to

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QC’ing status

Kilicool64 here. In order to prevent confusion, I’ll explain what I’m currently doing. I’ve QC’ed I/O up to about half of Route E. However, due to technical issues, the amount of characters per line had to be reduced, which messed up some of the modifications I made. Because of this, I am currently re-checking everything I’ve QC’ed and will then proceed to work on the rest of the scripts. However, because some of my changes may not have the result I desired, I will do another playthrough of the game afterwards to make sure everything is fine. Luckily, checking scripts I’ve already modified takes less time than checking them the first time around. However, due to the game’s structure, many scripts initially cannot be read entirely. Because of this, my progress will only be updated when I’ve completed 100% of a route.

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Project Updates/Announcements

We at Lemnisca Translations have decided to take on a new series of projects: the Secret Game series by FLAT. To be specific, we will be translating three of them: Killer Queen, Secret Game: Killer Queen Depth Edition, and Rebellions: Secret Game 2nd Stage: Boosted Edition. We will be translating them it that order as well. You might be wondering why we’re translating both Killer Queen and Secret Game: Killer Queen when the latter is a remake of the former. The reason is that I think some of the content exclusive to Killer Queen is worth playing, and there’s some subtle references to the original in Secret Game: Killer Queen. Also, we will not be translating Secret Game: Code Revise. The reason for that is Rebellions is a remake of Code Revise that improves pretty much every aspect of the original and is a much more complete story than the original, plus Rebellions replaces it in canon, so we see no reason to translate it.

You may also be wondering why we’re translating Killer Queen when Royal Flush Translations on TL Wiki is translating it. Well, the truth is, we are Royal Flush Translations- they, along with the names of their members, are just pseudonyms we used. There’s a variety of reasons why we chose to translate it under a pseudonym for a while, mainly being that we wanted to do Killer Queen as a secret project of sorts, yet at the same time we wanted people to know there was progress being done on it at the same time. We also were unsure of the time whether or not we wanted to be associated with an 18+ game, and for a while considered releasing the patch anonymously under that group name. But we have decided to come out and reveal ourselves now since we no longer see any more need to hide it, and will be publishing our patch under the Lemnisca name.

However, we will not be releasing the 18+ versions of the patches- that is to say, all ero content will be removed from our versions. There are several reasons for our reasoning, different for each game. In Killer Queen‘s case, it’s due to potential issues with translating the H-Scenes due to the way lolicon content is treated outside of Japan. That said, while we are removing the H-Scenes/ero content itself, we will not remove the references in-game to the ero content either. As for Secret Game: Killer Queen and Rebellions, the H-Content was added solely for the PC versions of the game as opposed to the non-ero original PS2 and PSP versions (respectively), and they are completely unnecessary in the game itself as they are not integrated into the story for any reason. As a result, we will be removing the H-Scenes from these versions to keep them more in-line with the original 17+ versions. If someone would like to volunteer to translate the H-content, then you’re free to do so, so long as you credit us for the translation of the rest of the game. However, we will solely be releasing 17+ patches. I understand that there’s probably a lot of you out there who will be disappointed by our decision, but that’s the way we’ve decided to do things.

There may also be some of you who might be concerned that this will get in the way of our other projects. I can assure you this will not be the case. Though we are currently working on Killer Queen, we will still be finishing our translations of I/O and 12Riven first. Root Double, on the other hand, depends on whether or not Xtend (the PS3 version) gets a PC port, so our project of that is essentially on hiatus while we wait for news. The longest we’ll wait is two years at maximum. If there’s still no sign of a port by then, then we’ll translate the original PC version (and possibly see if there’s a way to include the content from Xtend). That said though, when that time comes or if Root Double Xtend does indeed get a PC version, that will come first regardless of what we were doing at the time.

TLDR: We’ll be translating the Secret Game series in order of Killer Queen, Secret Game: Killer Queen, and Rebellions: Secret Game 2nd Stage, for we were actually the ones responsible for the Killer Queen translation on TLWiki. But we will not be translating the H-Scenes/ero content and will remove them from the game proper (Killer Queen due to potential legal issues, SG:KQ and Rebellions because they were added into the PC versions and are completely unnecessary), but we will not be removing any references to the H-Scenes/ero content in the dialogue of Killer Queen. If you want to TL the H-Scenes and add them, feel free to do so long as you credit us for our parts. However, this will not affect our schedule of translating I/O and 12Riven first, though our work on Root Double will take a hiatus as we wait to see if Xtend will receive a PC port or not.

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Welcome to the Infinite Loop

We are Lemnisca Translations, a visual novel translation group, dedicated to translating non-ero science fiction VNs from Japanese into English.
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