MOON. Review

It took me longer than expected, but here‘s my review of MOON.

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Killer Queen SVN repository

If someone is interested in our SVN repository for Killer Queen, download the latest version (corresponds to version 1.00 of our patch) here:

This will be updated every time a new patch is released.

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Killer Queen Patch Released

We are proud to announced that our Killer Queen English patch has been released! You can find the patch on our Killer Queen project page.

Please send any errors or typos you may find to

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Killer Queen Reprint Conversion Patch

As some of you might have heard, Killer Queen’s re-release known as the Reprint Edition has a completely revamped and improved interface. Because of this, our patch will be based on that version.

Unfortunately, DLSite only offers the original version of KQ, yet it is the cheapest way to get a copy. Thankfully, this will not be a problem for any of you. I’ve created a patch for the DL version that replicates the interface of the Reprint Edition. This has turned out to be unnecessary for our translation patch which will take care of that itself, but it could still be helpful if you intend to read KQ in Japanese. Because of this, I’ve decided to release my patch.

However, some of the thumbnails of CGs as well as a few buttons of the interface contain sexual graphics which I have decided to censor slightly. I live in Germany where distributing lolicon content is illegal to my knowledge. And even disregarding that, I’d prefer not to distribute porn in general. If this bothers you, rest assured that I’m perfectly fine with someone else releasing an uncensored version of the patch as long as I’m still credited for my contributions to it. Making such a patch is extremely easy if you have a copy of Killer Queen’s Reprint Edition. Here are the instructions on how to do so:

And here’s the Reprint Conversion Patch:

In case you want to have a look at the readme before downloading the patch:

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Killer Queen Update

We at Lemnisca Translations have an announcement. After some deliberation and consideration, we have decided to revoke our previous decision to release Killer Queen as 17+ only. We will instead be releasing two versions- an uncensored version with all the original ero content intact, and a non-ero version, which will be using our work from the censored version. This also means that there will be no Ero Patch guide, since, obviously, there’s no more need for one. However, the stuff we said will be censored will still apply for the non-ero version of the patch.

That said, this also means things will take slightly longer since I’ll need to translate all the H-Scenes first (as of this writing, I’ve finished the first one and am working on the remaining ones), but it shouldn’t take too long. The QC will still be proceeding during this time as normal.

I will not say what it was that brought us to make this decision after we vehemently refused to do this all those months ago. I can only say that it is something we feel is a necessity. While I still believe there could be potential ramifications for translating this sort of content like I mentioned back in October, I’ve decided that I’m willing to take the risk. As for what this means for our future as a group, I don’t know at this point. Just that in spite of this decision, our main goal will still be to translate non-ero sci-fi visual novels.

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KQ Patch Changes/H-Patch Guide details/General update

With the editing of Killer Queen proceeding smoothly at 75% completion and with the patch hopefully being out within the next 2-3 months, we figured now would be a good time to talk about exactly what changes to the original there will be in our patch, which, as you know, is non-ero.

(Keep in mind that the patch is based around the Reprint version, which has a completely different GUI than the original version, so you’ll need that version to play the game.)

1. The H-Scenes have been cut out (the sections have been replaced with a “fade to black” esque cut, then cuts back in to the line after the H-Scene has ended). However, some small parts of them will remain in the final script (mostly the build-up to them). This does not mean all traces of sexual content will be removed either- you should be warned that there are sexual situations, references to sexual content, and that the H-Scenes do still happen in the context of the story, you just don’t see them. What we’re aiming for is more like something along the lines of an R-rated movie (especially since all the violence has been unaltered). As such, our patch is still is a strict 17+ even with the changes.

2. All H-Scene CGs have been cut out (any CGs with full-frontal nudity, that is). While their data still remains in the files, they’ve been commented out of the scripts themselves. As such, the Gallery has also been altered to remove the ero CGs. That said, the gory CGs (though there are only 2 of them) will remain uncensored.

2a. Some scenes that just had ero CGs in the original have been replaced with background images and (in one occasion) sprites instead.

3. Some very explicit lines have been either cut or censored (mostly those directly referencing sexual bodily fluids or genitalia, though references to the act of sex itself still remain). This includes some voiced lines as well. However, everything plot relevant has remained, and the censored lines will still retain their intended meaning, just in a less explicit way. In other words, while the lines are not the exact same, the sexual themes themselves still remain.

3a. Some additional lines have been added to fill in some of the gaps between the removed content. All of them have been marked in the scripts themselves.

4. The Recollections section has been altered. Instead of being able to replay H-Scenes, you will be able to replay the routes’ epilogues instead (much like you’re able to in the PC version of Secret Game: Killer Queen).

(Most of these changes were inspired by Mirror Moon’s Tsukihime non-ero patch.)

Yes, we know there’s still a lot of you who aren’t pleased by these changes and the removal of ero content for various reasons. Yes, we know you would rather we just release the original in its full form or just give a choice between the original or non-ero. But we are sticking to the stance we outlined in our post back in October of 2013, and will not change our minds on the matter.

However for those of you who want to play the game in its original form, fear not. While we are not willing to risk releasing an uncensored version, we will provide an ero patch guide for anyone wanting to make one. The guide will give you a step-by-step process on how to restore the game to its original form (though the H-Scenes will remain untranslated and require translation from a third party), and will show you how to undo every single one of the above changes. Furthermore, I have been leaving behind notes in the margins of the scripts themselves to detail what parts have been altered. The guide will be released at the same time as the patch. As said back in last October, we are perfectly fine with you releasing an ero patch so long as you still credit Lemnisca Translations for all the other work.

(As a heads-up for anyone who wants to make an ero patch, you -will- need NScripter tools to use the guide.)

In other news, I am still translating 12Riven on the side, though slowly and mostly to give me an occasional break from the constant editing on KQ. I got a job about a month ago, so that’s been cutting a lot into my free time, but I still work on the projects whenever I can. Once editing on KQ is complete, I will give it much more attention, though keep in mind that I will still be supervising the final stages of KQ, so I won’t be able to devote my full effort to 12Riven just yet. Once I can, I’ll put all my effort into translating it, then I’ll be editing it (unless we can get an actual editor- I’d much rather have one, as it’ll allow us to focus on more projects and cut down on the time of each project). Once 12R’s done, we plan to work on Root Double. If we have not completed the extraction of RD by then, then we’ll work on Secret Game: Killer Queen until the extraction is complete.

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Steins;Gate review updated

(WordPress refuses to show any link posts from me, so I have to do this through a standard post.)

I’ve updated my review of Steins;Gate. You can find it here. If you want to see how it looked previously, head over here.

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