Important Announcements (April Fool’s)

For the past seven and a half months at Lemnisca, we have believed that what we should have been doing was translating visual novels that continued the themes and style of the Infinity series written by their acclaimed authors. But we have realized the error of our ways and now know we were wrong. We have decided to cancel all our other projects and focus solely on the game that clearly matters- a real Infinity game. That’s right. We have decided to translate Code_18.

C_18 Title

Some of you may be wondering why we are doing this, for some of us have gone on the record to talk about how much we “hate” this game, calling it a “piece of crap that completely shits all over the original Infinity series” and “pretended it didn’t exist”, while Japanese players have also bashed the game, with it only receiving a 1.5/5 average on But recently, we’ve come to an epiphany that our hate was completely wrong, and the Japanese players simply cannot see the beauty of this game. Code_18 is, in fact, a masterpiece that is truly worthy of the title of the Infinity series that left me utterly speechless at the end.

C_18 Outstanding Reviews

As you can see from the image below, Code_18 retains all the thrills and suspenses of its predecessors and truly cares about preserving the dignity of the original trilogy. The story itself also revolutionizes concepts from the original series, which moved away from starting out as romance games to complicated science fiction plots. However, Code_18 pulls a truly stunning reversal by daring to be a strictly lighthearted ren’ai focus under the guise of luring its readers in under the potential of being a complex science fiction game. With such a bold change in strategy by moving away from the aspects fans love about the series, it is only obvious why this game has a legendary reputation amongst Japanese Infinity fans. What’s more, it has the totally original premise of a black-haired Japanese teenager who builds all sorts of wacky inventions and discovers that there is a way to send mails to the past via cellphone and may eventually find a way to travel through time itself. If this sounds familiar, it’s not. Code_18 is just so good that it’s that original.

C18 epic storyline

But Code_18 is not only excellent for that reason. By focusing on characters who are about as dimensional as cardboard (and just as important to the plot as so), as well as a plot written by people who clearly do not understand science, to say nothing of the principles of time travel, Code_18 ensures that you remain gripped to the edge of your seat on wondering how things will turn out, featuring a story so memorable that it will keep you banging your head against the wall whenever you think about it for years to come. But that’s not all. Once again, as you can see below, Code_18 features utterly beautiful and original characters designs, the likes of which the world has never seen before.

C_18 lol original

We have also come to the conclusion that we have been doing this whole, “translation” thing wrong. People are always complaining about how fan-translations aren’t always fast enough, so we have decided to revolutionize fan-translations with an amazing new process. To see a demonstration of this new process and to read a description of it, look no further than here.

We apologize for being misguided for the last few months and translating games no one cares about when what we clearly should have been focusing on was a true Infinity game. We hope you enjoy this truly unique interpretation of the Infinity series.

Also, we have one more announcement we wish to make.

Kilicool64 here. Today is the first anniversary of Never7’s preview patch in Japan, which made me try the game out and become part of its translation team. For this special day, I made a little something for you. I always felt that Never7’s soundtrack was a bit lacking compared to the rest of the Infinity series. So I decided to remix it. Just extract this file into your Never7 directory, run the game and select the Remixed Soundtrack. I hope you enjoy hearing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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