Raging Loop Announcement!

For those who missed it last week, Lemnisca is proud to announce that it is working in collaboration with developer Kemco and publisher PQube to produce the localization for the mystery/psychological horror visual novel, Raging Loop!

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Raging Loop tells the story of a man, Haruaki Fusaishi, who, after going on a motorcycle trip to cope with a bad breakup, finds himself stranded in the remote Japanese settlement of Yasumizu — a place that feels centuries behind modern Japan. While repairing his motorcycle the next day to leave, a mist suddenly pours in, and the villagers all take shelter in their homes. Soon enough, a mysterious creature with the body of a human and the head of a wolf appears and kills him. However, instead of dying, Haruaki finds himself looping back in time to before he died. After managing to avoid the creature this time, he discovers that the coming of the mists marks the beginning of a ritual in Yasumizu. Several villagers have been replaced by ancient wolves that will kill one villager each night, and it is up to the villagers to discover who amongst them are the wolves, and execute them. It is up to Haruaki to survive the feast and discover what the truth is behind it and his looping.

Raging Loop will be released by PQube in both physical and digital editions for the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4 in the future.

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