Root Double -Before Crime * After Days-

 LABO – a giant research facility with a nuclear reactorSeptember 16, 2030 – 6:19:30 AM – the “incident” occursThe security system malfunctions, locking down every section of the basement, trapping 3 rescuers and 6 people waiting to be rescued inside.The incident occurred because the nuclear reactor caused a meltdown, filling LABO with the ashes of its dead.There are still 9 hours before the system recovers.The rescuers have only enough drugs to prevent radiation exposure for 6 people, but what about the other 3 … ?And strange unexplainable phenomena keep happening…

There are 5 mysteries surrounding this incident:1. During the incident, the captain of the rescue team lost his memory. What happened ?
2. Why were these normal high school students locked up in a place like this ?
3. A murdered body was found in the research facility they’ve been locked down in. Why ?
4. Why did this incident happen ? Why can’t they get out ?
5. Why is one that cannot exist — “that person” — here ?The mystery gets deeper and deeper.Gradually, the constant conflicts get more and more on these people’s nerves…
Which one of them can make it out of this hell alive ?
The key to surviving is hidden 6 days ago, in the sealed memories of the young man —-


Story Draft/Director: Takumi Nakazawa
Screenplay: Souki Tsukishima, Tora Tsukishima, Moyashi Himukai
Character Designers: Mikeou, Narumi Ootaka, Watapen
Music: Takuma Sato


Kasasagi Watase: Shingaki Tarusuke
Tenkawa Natsuhiko: Ichiki Mitsuhiro
Kotono Yuuri: Nazuka Kaori
Tachibana Kazami: Satou Rina
Toba Mashiro: Imai Asami
Moribe Jun: Tomonaga Akane
Sannomiya Louise Yui “Salyu”: Shindou Kei
Tsubakiyama Ena: Toyoguchi Megumi
Ukita Keiji: Ohkawa Tohru
Tenkawa Miyoko: Ohara Sayaka



Translation: GundamAce (Root A), Blick Winkel (Root B)
NOTE: This project is on hiatus as we are waiting to see whether or not Root Double Xtend (the PS3 port with additional content) will get a PC port or not. The longest we’ll wait is two years.