Big announcements + New official site!

Hello everyone! GundamAce here!

It has been two months now since the official English release of Root Double on Steam. For those of you who have yet to purchase it yet or were unaware of this release, you can find it right here:

For those of you who have already purchased Root Double, I hope you enjoyed or are enjoying the game. This was a very important project and a milestone for us here at Lemnisca, and it was a great honor for us to translate and help officially release this game into English. As such, we hope that you too have shared in the same joy and delight we got out of this game, and that it finds a place in your hearts as well.

That said, we cannot continue our activities as fan-translators any longer, which is why we are moving into the field of official translation and other support for the games you and we love to play. We are no longer Lemnisca Translations, but rather Lemnisca LLC. from now on. As Lemnisca, we will strive to continue or work to provide you all with translations for games that will entertain you all. We could not have made this huge leap without all your aid and support, and we hope you will continue your support as we move on to new ventures and opportunities.

As part of this transition, we will now be officially to a new site: We will still be keeping this site up as a blog for our new official site, so you can all still continue to follow us here. Furthermore, our official Twitter account has changed- we have now moved to Please follow us there for further Twitter details!

On another note, regarding our old projects that were left unfinished, we will not be releasing any further fan-translations. Furthermore, as mentioned in our previous announcements, part of our agreements with our partners involved removing the downloads for our previous work. Accordingly, we will not be providing any updated versions or new downloads for those patches in the future. The best thing all of you can do is to make your voices heard and let us know which games you would like to see localized and released. We too would like to do everything we can to fulfill those requests.

Thank you again for your past and future support.

-John Hooper

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